Last time we had P.C. Overnight we went to a place called Carillon Park. The historic society saves old things there, a little bit of everything from every generation. I took this picture of the inside of a train car the have. It’s in very good condion. It’s beautiful actually. I’m sure it was first class.

Things are going well with P.C. I feel like we haven’t seen him soon enough. I think he’ll be here this weekend.

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Moving into this house has given me a chance to use things differently, or even just use them at all. My old house was so small, sometimes you’d put something away and never get it back out because of the mess.
I build these old looking a wooden crates a long time ago, they were my bathroom storage solution. Now they are a small book shelf.
I literally built my old library, it was never finished, but now I’ll be starting over. I’ll have to build new shelfs probably. My old ones won’t work in here. Drywall is nothing like the old plaster in my old little house.
Of course this project isn’t the most important. It’s more of a hobby than anything else. I have bigger problems to solve, but it’s nice to day dream about these things
I can’t wait for the days that everything calms faience and I get to focus on stuff like this.

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Well I thought if share this picture of my new living room, the house is bigger so it feel a little empty at the moment, but it’ll get there, it was so big and empy at first I think it put me in some kind of shock 😬

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Venting about life

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I try not to view work as a huge waisted part of my day, but the truth is, today I feel very much like it is.

I’m beginning to resent the things I HAVE to do everyday, because they prevent me from finding some sort of peace of mind.

True, I could block those feelings out, and try to find a little bit of fulfillment in the workplace, and I do, but I can only do that for so long.

I just wanted to take the trash out today. Thats all. Nope, cant happen, people need me at work.

I just want to stop at my old house, the house I’ve worked for, and tried to fix up, and tried to live in, I just wanted to stop and check on things, but so, some one had parked their car in my drive way. Probably the same person who destroyed my mailbox, and ripped up the mail, and thew it all over the yard.

And I can’t do a thing about it because I am here.

I want to take my cats outside and make sure they will be okay, but no, I don’t have all day to do things like that.

It’d be nice to clean the trash out of the back seat of my car, or change the flat tire, or replace the headlight that went out a month ago. Nope.

I feel like their are strong forces in the universe working against me all the time. I don’t know what to do about.


Update #1- the home front

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We have been moving all of our Earthly possessions from our old house into our new rental house. It’s moving along slowly, and the new place is starting to feel like home, in a dreamlike way. 

The adoption of P.C. is moving steadily along also. We all drove up to see him and take him out for ice cream because our weekend plans with him got messed up.

In the past couple days I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the details I’d have to work around to be able to foster parent an extra child, or two. How might I juggle that schedule, what would the changes look like. I still haven’t gotten a completely clear picture of that, but chances are I never will. It will always be somewhat out of focus, because, well, that is parenting.  But, even the few foster families that I have met, the most well meaning ones even shy away from the children I am willing to consider. In fact, it seems I am only matched up with kids that worn everyone else out. I’ve learned to accept this, and the fact that everyone thinks I am crazy, and a few think I might be some kind of saint. I am neither. I am only doing my duty on this Earth as best I can. 



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My head is still spinning over the events if the past week or so, especially the past few days. I have had no Internet to reach you guys, and I doubt anything would’ve worked even if I did, because that has proven to be my fate in this universe.

I look forward to catching you up ASAP

P.C.’s overnight visit

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We had P.C. overnight for the first time on Saturday. It was fun, almost as soon as I got him home one of my clients called hysterically because she had extensions for her high school reunion, and some of them had fallen out.

So we rushed up to the salon, and helped her out. Really, I would’ve made her wait, but I knew it was a big deal for her, and I don’t want anyone walking around feeling like their hair looks dumb, and blaming me for it.

Later Adam took the boys to rent movies, we watched movies, and ordered pizza. The next day I took them to the dollar store, gave them each $5 (from my mom who wanted to give them spending money. Thanks mom :D) After that I had to take P.C. back to the group home. We stopped at Ikea on the way, and picked up a catalog for him to look at, and figure out what he’d like in his room. He has money to buy things for his room, and for clothes. I think he’s mentally spending it all the time. He mentioned buying himself a new pair of glasses. I told him that was a great way to spend some of his money.

I think he’s already realizing that money doesn’t go far these days, and he has to really figure out whats important to him. I’m impressed, there are adults who can’t get that concept.

The kids in the group home can work in the group home also. He does, he’s saving up for an i-pod. Although it’s tempting to just buy him as much stuff as I can, I’m not. I don’t want to ruin his good work ethics.

Anyways, we should be going to see him sometime this week also. We’ll plan more overnights soon too. Things are going well with our lil family, and it feels good!