Life’s to crazy

Things have been way to busy lately. It’s exhausting. I haven’t had the time to sit down and write, but my brains been working on some stuff, just as long as I don’t loose it before it’s gets down on paper somewhere. I’m trying to write something about personalities, just some things that I have figured out about people through life. Understanding that makes things a little better to deal with.

I’ve also been debating about getting Lil Fella back into counseling. I really don’t know what to do, he’s just got a lot of stress and anger going on right now, and it’s starting to drive everyone crazy. I really don’t know what to do- wait it out b/c I know he’s just going through an adjustment period with the family growing, or just get back in there and talk to someone who might have some good advice. I don’t know…


Night 1

The new lil guy, our foster kid, he’s so cute. He stayed up late last night, he couldn’t sleep. That’s to be expected I think. Him and lil fella played a lot.

I offered to read a book to him that he had in his stuff- his face lit up. Tonight I’m thinking the bedtime story might have to be really long, just to keep him in bed until he falls asleep.

I’d post a picture if I were allowed. I guess I’ll just describe him. He’s tiny, idk if I think that bc I’m used to lil fella, or if he really is small. He has dark brown hair, and freckles. I haven gotta a good look at his eyes, but I tried to last night- they just looked dark brown also.
Well, that’s all for now. I’ll try to keep up with bloggingūüėÄ

A foster kid :)

Hi, well… I’ve been caught up in a whirl wind of activity, but I’ll spare you the details.¬†

Here’s whats up; Lil Fella is doing good, he’s in 5th grade now, 11 years old. P.C.’s adoption in going okay, he’s staying for the next five week ends or so then he’ll be moving in for good. He’s doing well, and I worry about him non stop only because I want to keep things going smoothly, and I’m just a naturally nervous person. And hey, cut me some slack- parents are supposed to worry about their kids.

We were waiting to here about fostering/ or adopting a sibling group. In the meantime a six year old is looking for a home, a foster home that’s open for adoption, and that’s about all I know. ¬†So we said yes to him, and we’ll just pass up the siblings b/c they’re taking to long, and they’ll have a home in the end no matter what b/c several families said yes to them.¬†

So my new little six year old foster kid/ possible adopted kid is on his way here now. I only found out about him today, around noon. I’ve already frantically cleaned the house, I’m just waiting. He should arrive in about 30-60 min. I’m excited, yet nervous.¬†

So… that’s that. I’ll try to post a follow up blog when I can.¬†


Another blog to visit

I wanted to share a link with you…
I hope it works b/c I’m not so great at sharing links.

The daniellajoe blog is a good place if your into crocheting, she’s usually posting new ideas to get inspiration from, and a lot of up-cycling ideas as well.

I recently won this

I’ve only knitted this so far


I’m thinking about making several, then finding some way to crochet them all together, but who knows, I get pretty mindless when I’m creating things.

The crochet book will help with some new projects too.


A letter to the world

emily_dickinson (1)¬†“Each life converges to some centre

Expressed or still;

Exists in every human nature

A goal”

-Emily Dickinson


   Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830 in Amherst in the Connecticut Valley of Massachusetts. She was a quite person who lived a seemingly ordinary life, however in secret her work was to write a letter to the world. She wrote about life, nature, love, death, all in poems, and occasionally in letter form. The end result is an impressive collection of beautifully written work that can be both uplifting, meaningful and deep.  

¬† ¬†In her time, she was somewhat of a rebel. She never married, and she kept her writing a secret from everyone. It wasn’t discovered until after her death. I first learned about her like many other of my favorite authors- by being somewhat of an introvert/nerd/book worm. Ironically, I’ve never once learned about her, or read anything she wrote while sitting in an English, or literature class. ¬†(but I’ll save my opinion on the education system for another time.)

   So, my question to you would be this; If you could sit down and write a letter to the world knowing for a fact that it would be discovered long after your death, what would you write about?


What have I been up to?

Heres a few things that have been taking place in my life.
-Moving, I have been working on my old house, cleaning it up and getting it ready to rent out. I feels so good to be doing the work myself. I’m doing all the things I dreamed of doing, only couldn’t because the rest of my life was always in the way. The yard over there is actually looking good right now!
-Adoption, P.C.’s adoption is going well, although I wish I could speed things up a little bit. Every weekend is dedicated to him. I also visit through out the week if I get a chance to, although it’s a little harder with him being in school now.
His last team meeting went really well. It was the most positive one so far, and I’m praying that it will just keep getting better. He’s behaving himself more and more. With me, he’s never been bad, but theirs a lot more in the group home to get worked up about. I think he’ll do just fine when he moves in, and I’m looking forward to it.
He smiled so much at that last team meeting. It felt good to see him smile, to see him happy. I’m very proud of him, and proud to claim him as my son.
– Foster care- we’re waiting to here about a sibling group of three. I’m not sure that we will get them or not, so I’m not putting to much thought into it, but it’s a possibility. They are trying to unite these kids into one home, but it’s not so much of a spur of the moment thing like most foster cases.
– Lil Fella is also doing well. He enjoys the new house, but he doesn’t play outside much, and he’s been watching a little to much T.V. as a result of it. I’m not sure what to do with that… but I’ll figure something out. I think he needs some new friends, or something.

So what have you guys been up to? Looking forward to fall? Anything new and exciting?