What have I been up to?

Heres a few things that have been taking place in my life.
-Moving, I have been working on my old house, cleaning it up and getting it ready to rent out. I feels so good to be doing the work myself. I’m doing all the things I dreamed of doing, only couldn’t because the rest of my life was always in the way. The yard over there is actually looking good right now!
-Adoption, P.C.’s adoption is going well, although I wish I could speed things up a little bit. Every weekend is dedicated to him. I also visit through out the week if I get a chance to, although it’s a little harder with him being in school now.
His last team meeting went really well. It was the most positive one so far, and I’m praying that it will just keep getting better. He’s behaving himself more and more. With me, he’s never been bad, but theirs a lot more in the group home to get worked up about. I think he’ll do just fine when he moves in, and I’m looking forward to it.
He smiled so much at that last team meeting. It felt good to see him smile, to see him happy. I’m very proud of him, and proud to claim him as my son.
– Foster care- we’re waiting to here about a sibling group of three. I’m not sure that we will get them or not, so I’m not putting to much thought into it, but it’s a possibility. They are trying to unite these kids into one home, but it’s not so much of a spur of the moment thing like most foster cases.
– Lil Fella is also doing well. He enjoys the new house, but he doesn’t play outside much, and he’s been watching a little to much T.V. as a result of it. I’m not sure what to do with that… but I’ll figure something out. I think he needs some new friends, or something.

So what have you guys been up to? Looking forward to fall? Anything new and exciting?


Summer captured in photographs

Tomorrow is Lil’ Fellas first day of 5th grade.

The barn at the old farm house

So I guess it’s the end of Summer.

Baby pig at Young’s Dairy

It’s time to say good bye to summer, and hello to fall.

summertime projects

garden tomatoes

The beautiful mountains in Kentucky

Sea shells gathered from the Outer Banks

I hope you guys made some Summer memories of your own. These are just a few of mine.



Some things to think about

Do you ever wonder if worrying about things might cause them to happen?

Do you think Albert Einstein could solve your biggest problem?

How big/ or small is a black hole, really, and is it even a hole at all?

How many times a day do we psychically connect with out even realizing it?

If there is a first time for everything, is there a last time for everything also?

Clancy meets Alix (a sample from my book)


                His eyes were dark and piercing offering no forgiveness but with a veil of innocence; powerful yet helpless, and altogether hypnotizing. He gazed down towards the floor as he passed making a slight glance in my direction while he made his way to the farthest corner of the room. Once there he sat down on the floor, crossed his legs, and leaned back against the wall. His hands hugged the cup of black coffee as he inhaled its steam and gently closed his eyes, exhaling a slow breath over his coffee. He began to sip, hesitated, and drew in another deep breath.

                He sat very still and continued to look down. His dark brown hair fell in one solid mass over his eyes. I wanted to go up to him, introduce myself, ask his name. I couldn’t. That moment was too perfect to be broken. Instead I studied his face, the light glow of his cheeks, the faint purplish circles under his eyes, the same pale reflective complexion that so many of us have. That comes along with a place like this but there was something different about this one. He was different somehow and somehow if felt as if he began to speak to me. His eyes met mine as he turned his cup up and drank. He did not look away, and so now it was my turn.

                My heart began to beat inside my chest, and my head, but I had to do this. What the hell difference does it make anyways? They’re all crazy. So I picked up my breakfast tray, and walked towards him. There was not turning back. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked myself, but it was too late.

                “Hi.” I said as I sat down on the floor in front of him. The cold tiles sent a quick chill up my spine, reminding me of how thin the hospital gowns were.

                “Hello.” He replied dryly. Up close I could see his eyes were also dark brown, shimmering, and relentless in their gaze. His lips were pale and chapped. I couldn’t tell if the bit of dried blood was from an injury, or just from the way chapped lips sometimes split open. He pulled the coffee in closer, hiding the lower half of his face.

                I knew then that the dried blood on his lip must have been from an accident. Busted lips, broken noses, and black eyes were not all that uncommon here after all.

                “You new here?” he asked.

                “No, I’ve been here a while.”

                “Me too.” He sighed. An awkward moment crept up between us that only I seemed to notice. My new acquaintance must be oblivious to awkward moments, better yet, even good at creating them.

                “Well, I’ve never seen you, and I’ve been here quite a while.”

                “I was in Ward C.” he replied. “Ward C” I thought to myself, who do they keep in ward “C”? Then he added “for a while, I was in Ward C, but I was also on Ward B before that, and now here I am, on the seventh floor! Almost out of here!” he said proudly.

                “Whats your name?” I asked.

                “Alix, and you?”


                “Clancy.” He repeated “I like that.” Alix began to stare off into the distance for a moment, seemingly reflecting on something very distant. “I like that.” He repeated very softly to himself.

A perfect Sunday morning

This morning I woke up slowly, hitting snooze about three or four times. Adam had a work thing to go to this morning, so he slipped out of the house early. Abby (my dog) has been faithfully by my side the whole time. When I get in the shower, I tell her to guard the door, and she does. Literally, if anything goes on while Abby is on duty, you know about it. 

I half way cleaned the kitchen. We made a mess last night, I made apple crisp from fresh apples my mom brought over. They were picked from a neighbors tree. I also made some kind of complicated brownie thing that I haven’t even tasted yet. 

P.C. spent the night, and he’s still sleeping. I think we keep him up way later than the group home lol. Only because we wait all week to spend time with the poor guy, then we probably become annoying. Who knows? As for Lil Fella, well he went down to the basement to watch T.V. and I haven’t seen him since. I’m not complaining about it either. It’s nice to have some time to think. 

So, when I get off of the website, I’m going to work on my book. I think I might copy and paste a small portion over here first, so watch out ;) 


Update #2 the home front


Last time we had P.C. Overnight we went to a place called Carillon Park. The historic society saves old things there, a little bit of everything from every generation. I took this picture of the inside of a train car the have. It’s in very good condion. It’s beautiful actually. I’m sure it was first class.

Things are going well with P.C. I feel like we haven’t seen him soon enough. I think he’ll be here this weekend.

Random things


Moving into this house has given me a chance to use things differently, or even just use them at all. My old house was so small, sometimes you’d put something away and never get it back out because of the mess.
I build these old looking a wooden crates a long time ago, they were my bathroom storage solution. Now they are a small book shelf.
I literally built my old library, it was never finished, but now I’ll be starting over. I’ll have to build new shelfs probably. My old ones won’t work in here. Drywall is nothing like the old plaster in my old little house.
Of course this project isn’t the most important. It’s more of a hobby than anything else. I have bigger problems to solve, but it’s nice to day dream about these things
I can’t wait for the days that everything calms faience and I get to focus on stuff like this.