Today I took P.C. to the Newport Aquarium. It was pretty amazing, this picture is of a tunnel surrounded in glass, even the floor was glass, so it was like walking in the ocean. P.C felt rather confined by the space.

Things with this adoption are moving along so far, only it just feels like it’s taking a while, I’m thinking that’s just what it feels like to everyone. P.C. Is working hard to get through his counciling, and not getting in trouble. I’m proud of him for that, I should find a way tell him that. He’s in the middle of dealing with some issues, I told him today, in an awkward moment over lunch that I don’t blame him completely, it’s more the adults who’ve messed up. Anyways, I should stop rambling and get off of here!

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Yesterday I had P.C. for nine hours. I took him and lil fella to Young’s Dairy, and Yellow Sprinngs. Two of my favorite places around here.
Youngs dairy is a farm that let’s you pet and feed the animals, play games, and eat good food.
Yellow springs is a small town that I guess was run down, but in the 60’s and 70’s a bunch of peaceful hippies moved in and it has been that way every since then. A strange little hippie town, I fit there pretty well too.
And the books, I couldn’t help but to get some books for me to read to lil fella. The first hardy boys book, one of the little house books, and one from the Anne of green gables books. (That ones really just for me, idk why I love that story so much)

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Okay, so you know how sometimes I feel like my dreams might be trying to send me a message somehow. But being in a dream, nothing makes much since…

Well, this time, it spans back to the dream I had about the Illuminati, Free Masons, and Mormons planning to take over. The one that I ran away from school, and the Illuminati guy pointed a shot gun in my face before I woke up. I believe that was the first one.

I haven’t mentioned the other two on here until now, just haven’t had time to.

The second dream starts at Sinclair again. People from the military come in at the beginning of the fall semester. They tell the students, and maybe the staff for the first time also, that we now will all be working for them, part time. They don’t explain much, they just begin to order people around, organize us, and get us working… for them. But it is only part of the time, the other part is school like normal, only we’re not allowed to leave.

They provide us with clothes, and basic necessities, and I only know whats going on around me. I land in more of a boot camp program, and although I’m kinda freaked out, and angry, things are okay for the moment.

Someone tells me one day that my sister, and my mom have come looking for me. I ignore what I’m supposed to be doing, and search for them. Once I find them, their faces looked shocked and relieved. They seem happy to see me, and thankful that I am myself and not some how all messed up.

End of that dream.

The third one was simple. Me, Adam, and Lil Fella are watching airplanes, drones, and helicopters take off. We have no idea what they are doing, but their are hundreds of them, and it’s almost mesmerizing to watch. Suddenly a very large one slowly rises. We can’t decided what it is, or who it is. We think out loud that it’s some kind of UFO, but then we also wonder if it’s just something new we’ve never seen before, but controlled by humans…

Just writing

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Howdy, I thought I should drop in here and type out a few words, I feel like it’s been a while.

I’ve been working on some other writing projects, along the way I’ve realized these past four years of blogging, I have never created the blog I intended to. Not that it’s a bad thing. I’m happy with this lil place of mine on the web.

But… this new stuff I’m creating is turning out more like what I meant to do here! I’m working on creating some “samples” of what I can do to get some free lance writing jobs. I hope it goes well. My biggest down fall is my photography, I’m limited to what I can do with it because I don’t have a fancy digital camera, or photo shop, or anything like that, but I think I will figure it out.

Aside from that, I’m still just working in the salon, and busy working on this adoption. Visiting P.C. and taking care of Lil Fella. The summers are nice, with him being out of school.



Well, I’ve been making necklaces, P.C. Wanted me to use some stones he had, and a shark tooth to make him some stuff. So this is what I’ve done so far. If anyone can identify these stone, I’d like to know what they are.

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When I was cleaning out the car a few minutes ago I found these notes that P.C. And lil fella were writing to each other.

Warms my heart ☺️

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   Saturday we had a party for Lil Fellas 11th birthday. It was the biggest party we have had for him so far, no reason really, I think we were just in a mood. It was at this ridiculous place called Scene 75, they have games, go carts, laser tag. Basically just a big place to play, and be entertained. It was a lot of fun. I think everyone had a good time.

   Sadly his sister’s family decided to flake out and not come. They sent a text during the party. It’s to bad, I’m not sure how much that effected Lil Fella, but it bothers me. He had bought her a really nice present with his own money. We haven’t seen her in over a year. They are twins, so she’d be celebrating her, or their birthday alone, again.

   It was planned, agreed on that Lil Fells, his sister, and their little brother would stay in contact with each other. To me, that’s a two way street, no a one way, but I feel like it’s turned into a one way. It’s not fair to these kids who think about each other all the time. They’re not always talking about it because they are afraid to betray their “new” families loyalty. The weight of the impact would probably be similar to a child of a divorced couple who does everything wrong while raising their children. 

   The system, although it has brought my little family together, is so broken. 

   On a lighter note, our new possible kid, I’m going to use his initials, P.C. was at the party. Adam picked him up, and I dropped him off. P.C. and Lil Fella got to meet for the first time, and they got along great. P.C. helped Lil Fella do things, that was cute. Lil Fella wrote him a note and passed it to him in the car, it said “P.C. I will miss you”. It was on the back of a crumpled up receipt. 

   P.C. suggested we stop on the way back and get ice cream, since we had enough time. Lil Fella loves getting ice cream, and we had more than enough time, so we did. It felt horrible to take P.C. back to the group home. I feel like he didn’t want to go back, or he didn’t want us to leave. Something like that. He asked me when he’d see me next, and I said ASAP. I had a strange feeling that wasn’t soon enough. I tried calling him yesterday, several times, but apparently they don’t have someone to answer the phone on Sundays. So I will have to try again today.

   Going a day like that is a good reminder to me. It reminded me that I must do everything I can for our little family.