Sometimes things work out

I’m drying flower pettles. Or at least I hope I am; I layered them in a shoebox in between sheets of paper towels. Now I have to wait to see if they dry or just grow into a box of mold.

I got out the old trim to go around my new window, I have some wood carving tools, an electric sander, and inspiration.

I sanded the big areas a ton, then used my tools to chip away the paint that’s caked up in all the detail.

Just for my bedroom window- it’s almost done, and it looks so much better. I think I’ll wood putty any spots and sand it smooth and paint it white- although seeing all the wood color and grain- perfectly aged- kinda makes me want a wood finish.

The farm I talked about before- I’m loosing faith in that adventure. Maybe it was meant for me to see and imagine right now, and not act until I can’t stand no to.

I don’t know really… I’m just speculating.

Reaching higher right here and now


Everyone is probably crabby about it, but I’ve been wrestling my demons, and to not sure how I’m supposed to feel, or do at this very moment.

But outside my bedroom window their is snow falling.

I don’t know if I can take this new window. I want my old one back. So many times I’ve fallen into this bed and stared out the old ripply glass.

So many time I studied the cracks in my ceiling. So many tear have been soaked into this blanket and these pillows.

I love my house now, I loved it then too, and it has healed me and helped regroup me in the middle of so many tormenting feelings.

It was in this back yard that I rediscovered the beauty in winter nights, and stopped accociating snow with a childhood trauma.

Here that I through old photos in a fire to burn their memory and cleanse my soul of the past.

Here I felt bird and squirrels, and all of natures little creatures wanted to come greet me, and I finally understood Snow White living in the forest when she should’ve been dead.

I going to do something right now, today, to put things back where they belong.

Farm for sale

We visited a farm today, it’s small, 11 acres, but so peaceful. The picture of the land shows most of the 11 acres, up to where that house is in the distance.

The barn is amazing, very old, but in really good shape. ( my only comparison are the abandon ones I’ve poked around, but I’d still say especially for the age of it, great shape.

The house is in great shape also- but there are a few weird spots, nothing that couldn’t be worked out somehow.

The down side is the pice, kinda expensive for us, but so tempting, I’m going be day dreaming for a while.

Simple things

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, the complete opposite in fact!

I like like to keep things simple, I like when life doesn’t move to fast or to slow.

I like to work, then rest.

Rest should come before and after every job- that’s the way I see it.

I could preach a sermon on this but I know you already agree in the power of a well rested mind and body. So I won’t preach it…


Just look at these two, Pickles worked so hard excavating that corner of his pen today, the dirt caked on his snotter… and Abbie kept such a good lookout.

I mean who knows what that mail man is capable of, or that sneaky grey cat with the glowing eyes…

Abbie kept all that trouble away in between her naps.

Anyways, we drove by a farm for sale today, scheduled a showing for tomorrow. The house is old and small (yet bigger than this house) but everything looked very well kept.

Unfortionatly they sold off all the farm land except for 11 acres. Honestly, thats still a good amount for me.

The cylo and barn looked new but there was so much to take in…

I guess we’ll see, I’m just going to look at it in the realm of possibilities and feel good about about. That’s all I’m offering up to the universe or God for now.




Little reminders

Tonight I watched my friends baby while she was at work, only an hour probably. I love that lil 👶 she reminded that I love babies in a good way.

img_0684This is a picture I took of her sleeping last time I watched her for a little bit, she’s 1 and is starting to walk. Her name is Presley, named after the King himself of course!

Musical family…

I also started a huge planter of all heirloom seeds for the garden this year.

I’ve been doing little bits of research here and there to really understand gardening more.

My mom has been trying to sell me on heirloom seeds forever- but being the bargain shopper I am I could never bring myself to by an envelope of seeds costing $3.00 when right next to it they had hybred seeds 4 for a $4.00.

I’m still okay with hybred, but that’s for another blog…

Just another day

Today I kept feeling stumped, we got some new peices of furniture and need to re-arrange.

Ive also been tediously sorting through my books, goodwilling some that I don’t feel are worth holding onto forever, or passing on. But a few that I personally don’t need but truly loved reading, Im keeping them to pass onto my favorite people. 😁

So far I have an almost complete set of the little house on the Prairie books. (Someone gave me some that I already owned, so they’re my duplicates)

One book called the four agreements, I read it six or seven years ago and it really made me feel good, a couple years ago I needed to re-read it but had to buy another copy b/c I couldn’t locate the one I already had.

I know I’ll have more.

To get my mind churning again today I colored in one of my coloring books in between doing little chores in the kitchen.

It worked too- I didn’t get all the work done, but I got things picked up and mostly put away.


Life has been moving fast, and although I love the feeling of moving forward, sometimes I need a little less of it.

But it’s all okay, I know the pace will steady, and it’s still a better option than feeling stuck.

Me and Adam have been reading a book together (I love when that happens)

Its about a married couple with four kids that are working hard and getting by, facing crazy situations yet finding miracles that make it all work out.

It’s very inspiring, and surprising since they actually wrote it about their real marriage.

Anyways, because of the book Adam has decided to set a rule for the next week, no ones going to watch anything on T.V.

The husband in the book did this for the first week they were married, but what happened is they never bought a T.V. because neither one ever wanted to introduce that distraction to their home.

As for me, I keep finding myself more content and more comfortable in life. I still have off days, don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means making everything perfect.

Homeschooling my little one is hard, exhausting even, and very time consuming. His behavior hasn’t really improved, but we are getting A LOT of school work done.

I also feel like we are viewing each other from a slightly different perspective. He’s been saying ‘I love you’ randomly, and often.

I’ve been finding positive aspects to focus on, and even when I could tell someone about how awful the day was, I try to switch gears and say what did happen that went well.

But that’s all for the moment, I gotta get back to working on some things around here.