Strange happenings- part 5

This will be my final post in the Strange Happenings series.

These stories don’t include every strange event in my life, really this has just been a brief preview of what stands out the most to me.

There have been other visits from dead loved ones since that first one with my Grandma. I don’t talk about them very often, if ever. There has also been strange little signs that come up every once in a while that let me know that I’m not alone. I know these signs are for me.

Each place I’ve lived seems to have it’s own feeling to it, and it’s own effects on people. This is just what I’ve noticed and felt. I don’t claim to fully understand anything. It may have to do with the history of the land, the buildings, etc.

People have asked me if I can tell if a place is haunted, and I think I can sometimes. It’s more that I can sense a negativity if theres something negative right away. My experience is this; if I get that  negative feeling I won’t stay in that spot long enough to find out. If I get a good feeling, or no feeling whats so ever, I’m more likely to linger, and eventually I could figure it out.

Everything that’s happened to me was meant for me. If someone claims a house, or a room is haunted, and I feel nothing, that a sign that it’s nothing bad, and it’s probably meant for them to experience and not for me.

Strange happenings- part 4

Nothing new happened for a long time. I had made the mistake of telling to much to the wrong people, and pretty much just kept it all to myself. I met Adam, and we lived in Dayton when something new started happening.

This time it wasn’t ghost. It came in the form of dreams. Nearly every single night I’d have dreams of lights outside my windows, I’d hide from them. I believed they were UFO’s, and I just didn’t want to come face to face with them.

One dream I was outside the apartment in broad day light, and there was a human like creature wearing a cloak, his face was very shadowy because of the loose fabric of the hood, his eyes had a slight glimmer of red to them, he reached his hand out to mine, and I felt compelled to touch his hand, when I did I woke up immediately.

Most of the time I only remember the first part of the dream, always lights outside, hiding, then I’d wake up terrified, after a dream I could not recall, but felt so real.

I’ve had other dreams, but they were connected to actual events in real life, I could pin point their origin, and could understand why they happened. Traumatic events haunted me in the form of P.T.S.  and it showed up a lot in the way I was constantly jumpy and on edge, especially while I was asleep. The UFO dream had no connection, no explanation, and thats what makes it stand out to me as something different.

I might not ever understand it, but they started then, and after we moved, they abruptly stopped,  only happening once in a great while. Before those dreams I never gave the subject any thought, since then I’ve given it a great deal of thought, and research.

Strange happenings- part 3

After the visit with my Grandmas ghost nothing happened. I was in 10th grade, back in band, but not French. I made a friend named Alexis. My parents divorce was final. We’d live with my Dad, my Mom had her own apartment. We still seen them both a lot, and my older sister was around a lot. Everything was bleak. My Dad decorated our room with classic rock memorabilia, my sister made curtains with fabric I picked out. It looked like a starry night sky.

People left me alone, for the first time. I wasn’t being pressured into anything. I walked to school, and it was nice. My brothers appendix burst, and he was in the hospital for what felt like an eternity.

My Dad moved away, me and my brother stayed in the apartment. My mom came over almost every night, she’d cook dinner, sometimes my sister would too. I wasn’t sure what the plan was, and it didn’t even seem odd anymore. I think he let us stay there because he knew another move would be painful, and he probably didn’t want to break the lease. Who knows.

I’d started working in my sisters salon. I was a cleaning machine there. I even offered to do extra work for people if in turn they’d answer the phone so I wouldn’t have to. (I was still shy) My sister lived in the apartment above the salon, it was in a perfect little down town setting. That summer I moved in with her. My brother moved in with my Dad, they lived in Georgia, and I was in Ohio.

This was when I figured something out. That salon, and apartment were haunted. The sinks would turn on. I pointed it out to my sister, and she confirmed my suspicions. She said she called the ghost Becky, because the name Becky was carved into the wall.

I noticed a lamp would turn on and off occasionally. I had a hunch that Becky liked haunting a salon. Once I said out loud that I wished she’d turn up the radio, and the radio turned itself up. I liked to imagine Becky had long dark hair, and was the typical bar fly kind of girl you see in old western movies. Thats how I imagined her. I’d playfully describe her as an old fashion broad.

Since then, everywhere I’ve worked, and lived, a sink will occasionally turn on, and remind me of her.

Strange happenings- part 2

This is to pick up where I left off yesterday…

I’ve never told anyone in my family this experience.

After the ghost in that basement nothing happened for a while. My brother went to live with my dad. The noises at night where a constant, but didn’t bother either of us. In fact the only thing that bothered me was that my family had fallen so far apart. I kept going to school, and plunged myself into studying French and learning and practicing my music for band. I actually did okay in school. My mom spent a lot of time painting pictures in the dining room at night.

That summer I went to stay with my dad and brother. Still nothing. My mom moved closer to us and we all lived together again for a couple weeks, for the last time. I wasn’t excited about much really. I honest felt like I had nothing left to treasure. Nothing felt real, but for some reason I had started to think about my Grandma, and how close we were now, and I’d hoped my dad would take us to see her, like when we were little. She lived in Blanchchester, the town with Native American ghost children.

She died before we seen her. I wish I had spoken up about my thoughts. It was actually the first time deaths gloomy cloud hung above me for days. First was the funeral, I wanted to go, but I was also terrified of it. I couldn’t talk about it to anyone. I knew it’d be at a church, and I seen church grounds as if they were gate ways to hell. That’s just how I felt.

I cried a lot when I told my dad I wanted to stay home, he seemed understanding. My crying had turned into more of an emotional breakdown. He told me I’d gone through a lot, and it was okay to stay home. He made sure I was okay, then everyone left. I baked a huge chocolate chip cookie, and covered it in icing. Then I went to sleep in my bed.

For days our house filled with her belongings. My dad was gone a lot, cleaning out her house. He brought home a toy car, he said she’d been saving it for me. We all scrubbed down the furniture and belongings. We eventually had a yard sale with some, some we kept. Reminders of her were everywhere. One day he took me with him, and my aunts were all there, busy cleaning and sorting, and telling me to take what I want, anything I want. I only took a set of those Asian ball things that make wind chime kind of noises when you roll them around. Things seemed to be getting better.

One night, I woke up and she was there in my bedroom. I wasn’t afraid at all. It didn’t even seem like a ghostly figure, it was just as if my real Grandma was, for some reason, back from the dead, and in my room. I even thought logically, I told myself I should be scared, but I wasn’t. I told myself it wasn’t real, but it was. I wondered how I’d explain this. That was my final thought about it. We just stared at each other for a good long time. She didn’t talk, but I got the message that she was okay, and she wanted me to be okay. I don’t remember how it ended.

Strange happenings part 1

Is it possible to have a sixth sense? Are ghost real? Are ghost demons?

I’m not sure, and you can choose to believe me when I share the following experiences, or not. It doesn’t hurt my feelings either way.

When I was little I lived in a town called Blanchester Ohio. I loved it there. I actually still love the little town. There’s a park there called Roadside Park. (I know, not a very creative name.) It’s full of hills, and my Mom and Dad would take us there to play. Our Dad took us more often, I used to look for fossils, or other interesting things in the creek there. I found a very large bone once. I also used to see other children that would maybe splash a little water my way then run off. I didn’t realize it then, but I truly believe they where ghost, looking back now. I didn’t know anything about ghost, and had very little understanding about history, but I believe they were Native American ghost children. I was painfully shy, so I never really did anything about this, and it never bothered me.

I used to hear my parents fight at night, or at least that’s what I thought I heard. Then I’d hear keys, and the door open and close, and I knew my Dad had gone for a drive, late at night after a fight with my Mom. Only after my Dad left me and my brother still heard the fight, and the keys, and the door. These sounds happened almost every night, our whole childhood, and we never figured out what it was. We just knew it wasn’t actually our parents. It happened no matter where we lived. It has also happened to both of us as adults. I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s happened to our older brother and sister.

We were taught that ghost were not real, but demons were. If a ghost appeared harmless, it was a demon trying to gain our trust. This thought was very unsettling to me when I was a kid. It wasn’t until high school that I actually started to make up my own mind about the subject. I decided ghost, and demons were not the same. This is because I remembered, and still experienced the sounds at night, and the kids at that creek. Also a few times when my radio, and T.V. turned on and off by themselves. None of it seemed like demon activity to me, personally.

In 9th grade we lived in an apartment building that I believe had a ghost. It appeared as a shadowy female figure in the basement. No where else. I think it tried to speak through our radio, and guitar amp, but I’m not sure. One day we heard a crackling voice coming from the amp, and my brother told it to leave us alone, and it did.

So, believe what you will, but these have been a few of my experiences, and some of them I share with my brother.

What I miss (and don’t miss)

Church family…

What I miss is the fellowship, the part of belonging to something, to having a mission, that feeling of improving the world. The feeling that I have something good to offer the world.

What I don’t miss is the constant reminders of how I don’t fit the mold. The reminder that even thought I don’t feel any different, I am, and that’s an unchangeable part of me, a part that will effect my children as well.

Regardless of my relationship with the church (not God) I have to remember that I am here to explore this life and this world that I am living in.

Here I am….

Reocurring dreams


I have these themes of reoccurring dreams.

One involves UFO’s, lights, and hiding from strangers. That’s not the one I’m going to discuss now…

The other dreams involve being in a new school and not knowing my schedule, or where I’m supposed to be. In these dreams I’m constantly messing up, I show up in the wrong rooms, plop down in the wrong desk, completely forget assignments, hop on the wrong bus, I can’t find my locker, and even if I do I don’t know the combination, or what books I’d need out of it, even if by some chance it did open.

I think this is because I have P.T.S. that relates to when I was in school.

Last night it had a slight change. I was in law school last night. (I’d never ever be in law school) everything went wrong like usual, but I nailed a paper I wrote in my dream. It was about Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Snow White herself represented the mysterious allure that certain people have about them, the dwarfs, they were ordinary people who were captured by her mysterious beauty.

Snow White, her problem was that she put on a fake persona to make people like her, this was a subconscious act, not an outright lie. It did bring people closer to her physically, but mentally, she felt distant. Like she could only sing and talk to the bird, and little animals in the woods. The walls she built up around herself for protection did just that, but they also caused isolation. Represented in the deathlike sleep.

The kiss that awakened her was the person who some how broke through, or climbed those walls. Maybe she let him in accidently, but once inside the girls prison, he could see her for who she really was, and for the first time she was seen, and even loved for who she really was.


That was way to much for one nights sleep. In my dream, in the law school, I was standing in line to use the pencil sharpener. (Don’t ask me why there was a line) This big mean ugly lookin’ guy cuts right in front of me! So I say “Excuse me, you just cut, you need to step to the back of the line.” On the outside I was putting on a brave face, but on the inside I was ready to get punched in the face.

He turned around slowly and looked down at me, raised his fist, and then I was awake…